PopUp Vending at the “How Art Thou” Art Show

Stay tuned for more details, but save the date for some fun shopping: April 16, 2016!

I’ll post later with some teasers of the newly created and upcycled pieces from found and “saved” treasures. For now, visit Facebook Post Art Show


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As the year draws to a close…

imagesThe flu got us. It got us good. Everyone got it, and my mother took the worst of it, so that’s where we spent part of Christmas… the emergency room… all of us masked like some sort of movie about a pandemic illness… cue the zombie music… we ARE the walking dead. 

Managed to sleep a lot and I am beginning to feel somewhat human. I’ve avoided people as much as possible and taken a break from all things non-essential.

Which brings us to the shop. I’m ba-ya-ack! I’ve cleared out lots of holiday items and left some goodies for reduction. We brought in some new year’s eve decor and showcased the china and crystal your holiday table needs. Stop on by this week and stock up on shot glasses or home decor.

As the new year arrives, we’ll bring in more winter goodies to keep your home sweet home feeling cozy as can be.

I hope you are enjoying the holidays and keeping safe and warm (and flu-free).

IMAG4370 IMAG4372 IMAG4359 IMAG4368 IMAG4384 IMAG4385 IMAG4386 IMAG4388

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New Items Delivered December 18, 2014

IMAG4226While the world slumbered (or at least… most of those in Columbus did), I snuck into the darkened shop to deliver some goodies.

If you are looking for last-minute gifts? You’ll find them here.

Oh, and don’t forget that Cottonwood IS open this weekend and you can also find John at the Scott Antique Show where he’ll have many of our goodies and you can visit other vendors too.

I hope you are enjoying the calm before the storm of shopping and baking!

Here are some of the lovely items that appeared while you hit the snooze button😉

IMAG4222 IMAG4223 IMAG4221 IMAG4216 IMAG4214 IMAG4206 IMAG4204 IMAG4211


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New Items Delivered December 10, 2014

I have been remiss in posting the last few times I delivered. Loads of things have come and gone, so I figured I’d best log on and post an update.

Ch-ch-changes…. lots of changes at Cottonwood. John is settling in with new vendors and consignors and still open for new ones if you are interested. With big pieces moving, there’s ample room to come and shop (and dance, even… smile).

Here are some of the goodies that arrived yesterday to the Ditto section of Cottonwood. Stop on by for loads of Christmas gifts and decor as well as lovely vintage and antique pieces for your everyday life.


IMAG4074 IMAG4076 IMAG4079 IMAG4080 IMAG4081 IMAG4082 IMAG4085
IMAG4061 IMAG4064

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New Items added November 16, 2014

There was a lot of activity at Cottonwood today with John putting items on sale and shoppers coming in from out of the chilly wintry air.  Several new holiday items were stocked in the Ditto area and many lovely gift ideas are tucked in among the antique and vintage finds.

New today?

IMAG3751 IMAG3752 IMAG3753 IMAG3755 IMAG3756 IMAG3758_1 IMAG3759_1 IMAG3760_1 IMAG3761 IMAG3764_1 IMAG3765_1

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New Items Added November 11, 2014

Another quick stop into the shop to say “Hello” to John, to drop off a few items, and to check out the other vendors. There are some cool items pouring into the shop and we’re brimming with deals. Make sure you contact John at Cottonwood if you are looking for something in particular!

New in my corner?

IMAG3706 IMAG3707 IMAG3708 IMAG3709

And… in the BOHO Corner of Ditto?

Boho 2 boho corner IMAG3704 IMAG3705

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New Items Added

This past week, we added some more items before heading out of town to do a silent auction for an event. While we are bringing in new items today, here are a few of the things that appeared this past week:

IMAG3664 IMAG3665 IMAG3667 IMAG3669 IMAG3670

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Grand “Re-Opening” of Ditto in Columbus, Ohio

ditto business cardsDitto (aka OnlineDitto) is back to its brick-and-mortar operations. You can find us at the Cottonwood on N. High Street in the Clintonville area of Columbus, Ohio.

Today was a soft setup; we arrived to find the space empty and waiting and spent a few hours bringing in merchandise. Most of the Ditto offerings are industrial, farmhouse chic, and functional up-cycled pieces, but there are also a few BO-HO items available from time-to-time. There will be lots more coming, so come on out and check out Cottonwood and my shop in the front of the store.

While Cottonwood’s Hours vary seasonally (feel free to contact them if you are interested in visiting), you can be sure to find them (and DITTO) open:

Tuesdays – Sundays between 1 and 5 pm.

Here are a few items available now:

ditto glass display IMAG3623IMAG3627IMAG3628IMAG3632IMAG3633IMAG3621 

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Recycling… renewing… rebirth

She’s bayack….

At least, she’s coming back. After nearly two years of dormancy, ditto is reopening. This time in a smaller space but closer to home… in Clintonville’s Cottonwood shop on North High Street.

More news to follow… stay tuned.

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Closing the Ditto booth

I’ve made a decision to close the operation of my brick-and-mortar booth and move my operations online… focusing on a smaller range of goods and selling them on etsy under the umbrella of my other retail name: retrOhio.

As I began clearing out merchandise, stock will begin to populate retrOhio on Etsy.

And, of course… since I’m closing out the store, there will be great deals as the December 31st close date nears. I’ll also be selling the large shelves and display units in the Heritage Square booth.

Stay tuned for more news.


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