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I Iz Tired

There are simply not enough hours in the day… I checked, still 24. ūüė¶ Tommorow evening, I pick up the Uhaul to load, and Friday morning it is off to Heritage Square to fill up the booth. There is no … Continue reading

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Where can I find…?

I love to hunt for treasures and there are certain “go-to” spots in/around Columbus that I’ll hit for¬†specific things. Do I want to give away secrets? Sure, why not. It isn’t a good “business” move, but I figure those who … Continue reading

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The man in the alley

I love meeting unusual people; unique folks, not cookie-cutter humans, y’know? I met such a guy recently¬†and this sign was how he lured me into his alley…Isn’t it an awesome sign? Really fantastic. This is a guy who knows what … Continue reading

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Toddling off to bed

Jon Stewart was a rerun, so I wasn’t half-paying attention to him. I stenciled the lil blue box and gave it a quick glaze All this to cover a dime size patch of missing paint and a splotch of discolored … Continue reading

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A light touch

I’m pretty good at seeing possibilities, and usually the biggest problem I have is focusing on just one¬†of the possibilities. Yes, I am often a victim of paralysis¬†by analysis. I know I can over think things… even the smallest of … Continue reading

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Graphite Paint (Annie Sloan)

Before anyone else can suggest it, I know, I know, I should use a better camera. When I’m in the middle of stuff, I grab my crackberry¬†but I should dig out the good camera and stuff it full of batteries … Continue reading

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Tower of Terror

I need a¬†van, or a pickup truck, heck… I’d settle for a well-natured camel (sans the spitting, of course) to carry things back to my house. I get so peeved when I see something and the only thing standing between … Continue reading

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