Graphite Paint (Annie Sloan)

Before anyone else can suggest it, I know, I know, I should use a better camera. When I’m in the middle of stuff, I grab my crackberry but I should dig out the good camera and stuff it full of batteries so it is on the ready. For now, fuzzy pics will suffice. Here is the small table I painted (Annie Sloan’s “Graphite” chalk paint) and waxed (just minwax for light wood). The graphite paint is the closest to “black” you can get with AS, but it reads like a midnite sky – there is a definite blueness to it. I chose not to paint the table top as coffee tables see a lot of spilled coffee, among other things.

Goodwill coffee table in Annie Sloan Graphite

Note: I painted two coats (I know many people swear that one coat will do it) and I painted the underside of the table as well (I realize many folks would find that silly) and I used approximately 1/5 to 1/4 of the quart of paint.

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One Response to Graphite Paint (Annie Sloan)

  1. says:

    You are awesome! Thanks for the many shout outs! I am so excited for you and after seeing all your treasures, I know your booth will be fabulous! Unfortunately, I was still out of town when I received your message for the dresser. Someone is awfully lucky!
    Hope to see you in person soon!

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