Tower of Terror

I need a van, or a pickup truck, heck… I’d settle for a well-natured camel (sans the spitting, of course) to carry things back to my house. I get so peeved when I see something and the only thing standing between me and the endless possibilities is transporting the darn thing home.  I decided that the next time I saw a pile of such “possibilities” I would rent a uhaul. Yesterday, that’s exactly what I did.  Of course, any normal sane logical person would say, “Hey, Ditto… where ya’ gonna’ put that stuff once you get it home?”

This is why I should have a garage!

First stop: OSU Surplus. There I picked up four tables and a bookshelf.

If this furniture survived decades of college students AND professors, it can survive anything

Then on to goodwill where I picked up a slew of smaller items. These are all things that could fit in a car, and I was hoping that I’d find some big pieces I liked, since I had the truck and all… ah well… I bought all of this:

Small Pieces at Goodwill

And, a moment of silence for the piece I did not get, because someone beat me to it. Please, let that person be Shannon! I had snapped a photo of it a few days ago, and even sent her the pic, but with all of my computer woes, I don’t know if she got it. Sigh… This dresser belonged in my booth!

Marked down to 9.99 and 50% off? Yup, gulp, that is a FIVE DOLLAR dresser!

After hauling it all, unloading it, and returning the truck, I only had the energy to oil the bookshelf and two of the tables that may remain unpainted, and then to tackle a small round coffee table I snagged at another goodwill over the weekend. Pics to follow of that. But now, back to work-work.



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