A light touch

I’m pretty good at seeing possibilities, and usually the biggest problem I have is focusing on just one of the possibilities. Yes, I am often a victim of paralysis by analysis. I know I can over think things… even the smallest of things… so I’m trying to work on that.  Here’s a perfect example:

It’s a little blue box. I picked it up at goodwill because it spoke to me and I figured it would speak to other people. It is good to have some small things in the booth, too. I began to think of all the things I could do with it and the way it would look painted in cream or black. Then I really looked at it and realized that it is nearly perfect (once scrubbed) and the only issue is with the one side where the paint is chipped and thin. But the rest of it -including the inside and the drawer- is just fine. So why paint the whole thing? I’ll do a touch up with something on the top and call it a day, or maybe put some nubby legs on it. That’s hard, though, to just leave things be. I get too involved in the minutia and then overwhelmed by it.

I also unpacked a few other goodies. I got two large wall lamps and I plan on gutting the electrical altogether to turn them into wall vessels for collections or large candles. They are heavy – and they have good bones. They cost more than I’d normally spend for thrifted lamps, but it was their heft that made them worth it to me. They need work, and paint.

I have so much to do before July 1st, wow.

I’ll try to remember to take pictures.


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