The man in the alley

I love meeting unusual people; unique folks, not cookie-cutter humans, y’know? I met such a guy recently and this sign was how he lured me into his alley…Isn’t it an awesome sign? Really fantastic. This is a guy who knows what he wants, when he wants it. I had seen the sign before – a few years ago – when I lived near the alley and I walked past his back yard en route to the #2 COTA bus. I never stopped in, though, as I was always either on my way to class or tired after and just wanting to get home. This day, I had the time to venture through the tiny opening and into the backyard belonging to (I’ll call him) Mr. GreenJeans.

His garage is the most glorious hodgepodge of decades past. Some of it is just stuff, some is treasure, none is “crap” and when the mood strikes him, Mr. GreenJeans has a sale and posts his sign. He is definitely not a capitalist at heart, and people probably take advantage of him. I bought a box from him, two door knob plates, and scored a free newspaper from 1922. Many of the items have tiny signs and notes attached to them. Attached to the box I purchased was this note:

Awesome, eh? And the box itself? Made by his grandfather and in use since the 40’s with glorious globs of paint, stains, and scratches all over it. I swooned, just a bit.


Here is the toolbox (outside and in):

Oh, and the reason I drove by his alley? I was on my way home from filling (literally the trunk and entire back seat) my car with 20 vintage window panes… OMG:

It was a good day to be Ditto!

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