She’s a work in progress, to be sure, but the booth is up and running – and I sold at least one thing after setting up late yesterday (a window). Because I was starting from scratch and because I was renting  a truck, I was determined to get the ‘big stuff” to the booth. As a result, it is packed too full. It’ll clear out, though, I hope!

Some of the goodies in this weekend:

I wanted to keep some goods on hand for tidying up (windex, paper towels, tape, etc) but didn’t want to have them “out” so I devised a storage unit. It’s just a 12″ overhead cabinet from restore that I encased with vintage pickets (also from habitat) and topped with a post that I had at home. It gave me a place to repeat my booth number as well. I think it worked out fine.

I had planned on hanging curtains today but figured I’d go in tomorrow as well – since it is the first weekend – and I can take care of it then. I did take in a small tub of silver and some small items, but that’s it. I have at least two items of furniture underneath each of the big OSU tables, so I’ll have no problem keeping it full.

I think the folks at HSAM are fantastic – very helpful – and I had a chance to meet a few more vendors (also nice) so I’m hoping this is a good fit for a while.


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One Response to Da’Booth

  1. Shannon@vintagerestyled.blogspot.com says:

    Fabulous! I hope there are a few things left when I return, so I can shop!
    Enjoy it all, it can be a lot of work, but it is so enjoyable.
    Thanks for checking on B-10. It looks like people moved lots of stuff around, since I was last there.
    Happy 4th!

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