I’m melting…

Wow. It’s been a hot and humid day. I made a quick visit to the booth and added some linens and a pair of wee baby booties. The vintage magazine rack sold, as did the long black shelf and some small items from the front table.  Shannon from Vintage Restyled is back in town and there were some adorable additions to her booth – check them out if you head over to Heritage Square Antique Mall to see me. She’s right around the corner!

I’ve snapped some pictures of a few of the smaller items like the fairy light ($4.50) and the tiniest of cloche as well as the children’s clothes tree ($18.00) that arrived earlier this week. The iron headboard and footboard ($40 for the pair) are still there, along with the dress form ($85), hutch with  small cubby drawers ($100), solid wood boxes and jewelry style drawer units, assorted vintage hankies in great condition ($2.50 each), suitcases ($10-30), and rogers silver cutlery from the 1950’s at prices you won’t believe (sets of four pieces for 5 and under).


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