Lions and tigers and leopards? Oh my

It’s a sickness, I tell ya’

I so seldom remember to snap before pictures, and often forget to snap after photos before things end up in the booth. Bear with me, I’m getting the hang of this – or I will, I will, I will? Ah, heck, maybe I won’t.

Here are the fuzzy  before and after shots of two chairs complete with their funky feline inspired fabric. Why not? Live a little.

At the booth: $18 each.

I also added a set of four Cosco (not costco) vintage chairs. They are gateleg folding chairs so they are very sturdy and complete with original finish and vinyl.  Two are pictured here. The others are shy, I guess. They’re hiding just out of frame.

They are available individually.

Pop on over to shop.

It’s a great way to beat the heat.

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One Response to Lions and tigers and leopards? Oh my

  1. says:

    Booth looks great and your sale prices are fabulous!

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