It must have been a frugal feeding frenzy

I was at the booth late Saturday night. I pulled some of the sale items out front and center and dropped off the cutest little table and two chairs (kids’). When I arrived today? Those were gone. Vanished. Poof. If it weren’t for the photo I snapped as I left Saturday, you’d never know they had been there. While I was in the building today, the mini hutch and the three-chair folding theatre seating unit sold. I’ll miss that folding unit, but I will love the 10 square feet it left behind. I rearranged again, and got booted out at 6pm. I’ll try to make it back after work tomorrow, lord willing and the creek down rise (I’m channeling my grandmother, there). I need to pull the armoire out front so folks see it – It’s a bargain, I tell ya’

Oh… and there’s a bit of a surprise coming in thirty days, hm, what could it be? You’ll have to wait. Even my kid doesn’t know about it yet (but my mum does!)

The booth as I left today (fuzzy photo, sorry, they were on the loudspeaker saying “LEAVE!”

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2 Responses to It must have been a frugal feeding frenzy

  1. says:

    Holy cow, you got cleaned out! Good for you! I assume you had a great month and are staying for a while – at least I hope!

  2. onlineditto says:

    I’m staying.

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