The booth today

I wasn’t able to make it to the booth yesterday, but managed to get there before 5 today. When I arrived, it looked like this (at left). The easel that went in Sunday at closing was gone, as were a few other things that I can’t quite put my finger on! With that big hole up front, I had to move something. I pulled the armoire up front and did some rearranging. When I left, it looked like this (below).

I also added a few small things (aka “smalls”) and marked the little blue rocker half off (now just 9 dollars!). My basic sales philosophy is that if it sits here for three or four weeks without a nibble it’s going to get marked down. There are some exceptions, mind you.

New to the booth today:

    • the cutest terra cotta bride and groom
    • a set of four chrome glasses
    • a set of six chrome and black glasses
    • a wire cover (or lantern? what is it? I don’t know!)
    • an adorable little cloche/display case

Then? I did a naughty thing. I shopped a bit from other vendors (I know, it’s insane). I scored this wonderful (but very delicate) bird-cage. This ain’t no knock off make-believe puppy… it’s the real deal. Wowzer. I’m not sure yet, but I think it wants to be a hanging light, perhaps in creamy white? Hm. I’ll ponder on it. What do you think? She’s only about 20″ tall and has such detail. Sigh… perhaps she shouldn’t be painted. No rush, I’ll keep pondering.

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