It came from the Kia… the first installment

I drive a Kia. Let me clarify, I drive a Kia Optima. Don’t get me wrong, I like my car but it isn’t huge. The trunk is designed to expand into the back seat with the handy-dandy fold-down backs, but I promptly broke one side after buying the car and haven’t fixed it yet (years later, now). I say all of this to establish the “KIA” that it “came from” in the title of the post. ‘Tis a Kia like the one you see below (but a different color).

So, when I get a haul, I’m often challenged to fit the spoils of my war into my chariot, y’know? That’s why I decided to start the occasional post about what “came from the kia” on a particular day.

Today, the trunk was already full, so (hand to God) I managed to get all of this INSIDE my Kia with all doors shut and me (and I’m no lightweight) in the driver’s seat. Drumroll, please…

Man, I should have taken a shot of all of it jammed in there. Remember when Homer Simpson packed the station wagon like a tetris game? yeah, like that.

First of all, I’m amazed I got it all in. I did have to take off the rocking chair runners  Thank goodness I carry a “kit” with me when hitting the road and I had tools. Second of all, I’m just blown away by my haul. That rocker is SOLID with its caning intact! It needs a new seat, and some paint, and some love… that’s all. And that black and wood tone one? That’s a Hitchcock chair, and there’s an old Thomasville one. The other chair is really unique – perhaps homemade. The chair/stepstool/ironing board thing? I haven’t seen one since I was a child and even then… they were old! Rounding out the haul were some wonderful and ancient translation dictionaries, curtain tie backs, and the most awesome mid-century white and cobalt blue glasses (not plastic!). Oh, and the typewriter, vintage purses, and suitcase, so much great stuff tonight. You have to love the auctions!

Here’s hoping that these sorts of posts will at least prompt me to take photos and then I’ll have them for the “before and after” images I always seem to forget to snap!



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One Response to It came from the Kia… the first installment

  1. says:

    Holy crap! That is insane! You are very resourceful!

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