Booth update

booth when I arrived

I had a chance to stop by the antique mall today and was shocked at how different everything looked. First of all, many booths have changed hands or setup, and there are some really cool items in. If you get a chance this weekend, swing by and plan on staying for a while. Second, many larger items have sold from my space. When I arrived, there was a big hole up front.

Hm, what to do? I had nothing with me that was ready to go, so I decided to spread everything out and try to bring some items in tomorrow. While I was there, I marked a few items down (The OSU table up front is now $80, down from 100) and I’m hoping it finds a new home as it’s a great size and so sturdy. It just needs some love (or a tablecloth!).

I have two truly beautiful side chairs waiting to visit the booth, along with other goodies. First thing tomorrow, it’s off to the executioner dentist for me, so it’ll be afternoon before I can make it back to Heritage Square and I may still be numby.

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One Response to Booth update

  1. your booth looks great! Hope the dentist goes well for ya! I hate going too!

    Thanks for hooking me up with that link on the easel. I appreciate it.


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