I know the answer!

In my non-ditto life, I spend a great deal of time in classrooms. This would be a teacher’s dream, don’t you think? Eagerly raised hands…

Ceramic glove stands

Ah, but seldom is this the case. This post isn’t about ditto’s booth. This post is about the other wonderful booths around the ditto booth. If you haven’t been to Heritage Square Antique Mall, you owe it to yourself to come on out. There are hundreds of vendors, so this in NO way remotely captures the great stuff you can find, but as I walked around yesterday, I caught sight of a few things that made me smile.

First Booth inside the mall

There’s the booth you see when you first walk in – always full of unexpected colors – country mouse meets andy warhol (that’s what always comes to mind when I see it) and there’s the booth just round the corner that features vignettes of green, pink, blue, yellow, brown, etc. I’m always drawn to its crispy color-coded wonderfulness. It reminds me of a candy store.

With Cotton Candy

And Red Vines

And Lemon Drops

How can you not smile when you see that? It’s just lovely and fun. Oh, and let’s not forget the ethereal booth below. It slows my step. It’s all linens and lace draped ’round life-worn pieces. Yum. Just Yum. You’ll find it in the center of the mall.

White Rabbit

There are so many wonderful vendors, and I’m enjoying meeting them all. Ed, who has been such a helpful fellow (and who has all manner of antique furniture and art) and  Polly (who I recently met in real life!) and Shannon who was the person who helped me decide on Heritage Square – as opposed to other venues. She was a great help – and perhaps I’ll get to meet her in real life one day too! Without further ado… a few other wonderful objects… in no particular order:

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