The ‘new’ News

A few weeks ago, I tipped my hat a bit… suggesting that news was on its way. Well, with just a few days until September 1st, I wanted to go ahead and spill the beans. I’m opening a second booth.
Yup… another booth.
Why? Good question. Well, because my booth is suffering from an identity disorder of sorts. My house always does, but that’s my house and I mix decades/centuries/styles with wild abandon without issue. But in the booth? It’s confusing and I decided to split into two.

The new booth has its own identity: retrOhio ( ) and most of the mid-century (and later) pieces will live there. Ditto will remain where it is (C-147) but Ditto’s “Sister” Retro will be just across the way in C-132. For those of you who have been to the mall to visit, the retro booth will be in the space where the enormous waterbed once lived. I don’t know if they sold it or moved it. This is the space as it is now:

This is where retrOhio will be in just a few days!

Come September? It should look mighty different!!!

If it doesn’t work out, I’ll drop the second booth and return to just Ditto, but I’m hoping this provides me with more breathing room and eases any confusion that customers have!

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