This is Ashley… pardon me while I shamelessly plug her new venture

This is Ashley Hicks.

Forgive the photo quality in this post. All I had with me was my phone camera. She knew I was coming for a consultation but didn’t know I was going to blog about her. I couldn’t resist. I’ve known Ashley for years now. The smile is genuine and nearly always on her face! I had the pleasure of working with her for a spell and we remained friends after our work took us in separate directions. Aside from being a top-notch human being, Ashley is a PhD student, engaged with the community, and she does missionary work. I swear, she doesn’t sleep. Classic over-achiever, this woman!

She’s become an independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay cosmetics and she got her soft hands (ridiculously soft… she uses the products) on my face and my mom’s face last evening. Those who know me “irl” can take a moment to roll around on the floor… yeah, I know, makeup!?! It’s not just makeup these days; there’s a full line of skin care, perfumes, and even a men’s line (who knew?). I found a lip product I liked and picked some up for myself and the mini-me.

If you’re a Mary Kay user and need a local (central Ohio) consultant,  zip her an email ( )or visit her webpage ( ) regardless of your location and she’ll hook you up. If you have always wanted to try Mary Kay, let her know and she can set up a consultation for you.

Thanks for letting me toot her horn. I count her among my friends and I always try to support local businesspeople … especially other women.

We’re proud of you, Ashley!


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