Booth Update

Today, I need to work on some special orders, so it will be late when I get to the booth. I hope it “holds” until then. I closed the place down last night. I didn’t have help (except with one piece of furniture), so it was slow going. There’s still a lot to do, but here’s where the Ditto booth stands. I had so little breathing room before that things like the

There's so much space in the center... you can dance! Feel free, by the way, to dance

tapestry (now on back wall and half off!) was UNDER a table for the last month. I’ll be rearranging and there’s something going in on the back wall (hence the shutters back there) but for now, it’s such a relief to know that people can get in there without tripping (or being overwhelmed).
A few new goodies came in and some existing items were altered. The large double-size vintage spring set was divided into a half-panel, some small square sections ($14 each section) and then into individual springs. I’ve left some singles ($2.50 each) and then tied up bundles of 4 ($9.00), 6 ($11.00), and 12 ($18.00).

It may be fall, but the tree thinks it's "spring". The convex burwood mirror is from the sixties (a mixture of wood pulp and plastic) and it is stuffed with a Chicago paper from 1960! Next to the mirror, you can see the tree with individual springs for sale.

This is a ladder section that is so weathered, it is light as a feather and NOT suitable for climbing! It is leaning against the largest section of vintage bedspring I have. Either of these pieces could be used as art, hung vertically or horizontally for fun or function (think memo boards), or even -as one customer suggested -used as trellises in a garden

This stepback chair is a chair, step stool, and an ironing board. Left in its 'found' condition, it's the original "transformer" and some wooden gear pieces and a 20' section of hawser-style rope are resting atop it.

An original watercolor in soothing tones. Artist unknown.

Here are two sections of bedsprings that have been left for use as display. Each section of nine springs is less than 15 dollars and I will be surprised if they last long at all

This wagonwheel mirror is tucked back with the remaining screens, glass inserts, and the wonderful chippy cellar door

The dress form (now less than $80) is ready to get cookin' with a vintage apron I recently found

Art and a Piano Bench full of china, silver, and treasures

The round coffee table (reduced) is dotted with all manner of pottery, silver, china, and even a tiny fairy light (yes, she's for sale as well). I also brought in some more art school paintbrushes (bundles of twenty are just $2). The silver crumb-brusher is still available. Yes, a special silver brush and dustpan just to sweep the crumbs from your table. Ah, history.

That’s all for now. I’m hobbling over to the retro site to update on that booth and then out to the workshop (ahem, shed) to get to paintin’!


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