Customer Appreciation Day at Heritage Square Antique Mall

Shop-girls. Digital ID: 809785. New York Public LibraryThe general practice at the antique mall is for vendors to stock and price their wares and then back slowly away. Giggle. Okay, we don’t literally sneak away, but it is more like a store with set prices and policies and less like an open-air vending experience where wheelin’ and dealin’ takes place.
But… now buckle up, kiddies… on the first Friday of October (that’s 10/7 this year), that all changes. Vendors will be in their booths between 6:00 and 10:00 pm. For four glorious hours, they’ll be ready to consider your offers. Yup, saddle up the pony, grab a pack mule, hitch up the covered wagon, heck… drive one of them-there-new-fangled horseless carriages if’n you got ‘er. Just come and be prepared to take home all the treasures you can fit in/on your transport of choice!

Since I have two booths, I’ve enlisted the help of one of my favorite people in the world… yup, my mum. Come on out and make a night of it!

As the Oleta Adams song goes, we don’t care how you get here… “Just get here if you can


Heritage Square Customer Appreciation Party

Our annual Customer Appreciation Party takes place on the first Friday in October. This party is  a special thank you to each and everyone of our customers. It is because of you that Heritage Square is the best place for antiquing in Central Ohio. Please join us for an evening of  prizes and refreshments. What a fantastic opportunity to meet professional antique dealers for some great buys!
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