She lives…

I’ve been a very absent blogger, eh? The combination of work and sickness have kept me away from many fun pursuits, but I’m alive, and kickin’ and I actually took pictures when I visited the booth yesterday. Sadly, I’ve had no time to wander about the mall, and I especially want to check out Shannon’s new booth… she blogged about it here. She’s keeping her original booth. Now we’ll both have two! What fun!

I moved some things around yesterday to prepare for the large volume of furniture coming in (for the customer appreciation event!). There will be prizes, even… so make sure to visit this coming Friday (October 7). There will be many new arrivals through the week ahead. What fun!

I brought in two beautiful old chairs (they’re dead center in the photo above) that must be seen to appreciate. The wood grain was exquisite – subtle and swirling – and I was fairly certain I’d be struck by lightning if I touched them with a paint brush. They can be painted (cue the sound of weeping carpenters everywhere) if that strikes your fancy, but they are stately, tall backed, and in fantastic shape.

I’m on the mend, I think… I hope… this cold season promises so many new adventures for us all. I should buy stock in some kleenex company, I think.

Ooooo… I nearly forgot. I got a can of the new “pure white” annie sloan paint. I haven’t tried it out yet, but it is… absolutely… white. Go figure. I also picked up a can of her “arles” to play around with.

I didn’t get many photos, but without further ado…

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