Booth Update (Post Customer Appreciation Day)

There has been a lot of activity in the booth over the last two weeks. We stocked-up for the customer appreciation event and had such fun meeting not only customers, but other vendors as well. Lots of goodies found new homes and there are plenty of new items awaiting their turn in the customer’s cart! Have at it! This week at the booth:

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2 Responses to Booth Update (Post Customer Appreciation Day)

  1. says:

    I don’t remember seeing most of that stuff in your booth last week! That’s a good thing, as they have all found a new home!

  2. onlineditto says:

    Lots of new stuff this week AND last. Managed to hurt my ankle during this period and am ambling around on a cane – comical to watch me move that cart around HSAM, I’m sure.

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