A quick fill up and off to Cincy

The faux fireplace

I had an auction pickup in Cincinnati today (thanks for the company, mom) so I swung by en route to stock the booths. Time management has never been my strong suit, so before I knew it? We had just two hours to make the 2 1/4 hour trip down south. You’re correct. That’s impossible, right? Well, not entirely. All I needed to do was master the science of the space-time continuum and do a little traveling backwards…OR… I would need to break a few speed laws. I made it to the auction, so I’ll let you guess which I did.

Columns and Buttons

I did manage to get in a new shelving unit ‘for keeps’ into which I built a little faux fireplace area for now. I also brought in a holder for my small silverplate (fashioned from old lamp parts and a strange round piece I found in a thrift store eons ago). It can hold up to sixteen pieces. Not too shabby.

We moved the two large tables to either side of the booth, and hope that folks can squeeze in there.  We also brought in two large plaster columns/pillars and set the buttons up on a cute ladder-style display unit. Once the two large tables are gone, we’ll have some breathing room. Until then? Forgive the clutter, please!

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