Booth Update

The booth is still packed to the rafters. I moved the OSU table over to the RETRO booth so I could pull the rustic table and benches out from the wall in DITTOland. I brought in some small items and am eager to bring in my new shelving unit for the front but I need your help… buy something... lol… so I have room.

There are dry spells in picking and auctions, etc, so while there are times when a bare booth can cause panic (what can I bring in to fill it up?) I usually have the opposite problem. I have lots of goodies to bring in and no space. No… I will NOT get a third booth!

I was in the booths for hours yesterday. Lots of shifting was necessary as I brought in an old wheel, a trunk, small side table, a body length vintage down pillow in blue and white ticking, milk crate, crutches, whew… and more. By the way, that picnic-style table is fabulous and sturdy and for the price you normally pay for just a bench, you can get two full length benches and the table! Here are a few shots of booth items:

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