Quasi Booth Update

Ah, so many changes over the last week.

First, the picnic table and benches sold. I hope you enjoy them (whoever you are!) and I wonder if you’ll repaint them for use or sale. If you do something to them, feel free to email me a pic and I’ll put it up on the blog. I’m always wondering where items end up!

Second, I rearranged the entire booth space – spending all Sunday there with mom. We’ve added a new “kitchen corner” and slid the “fireplace” to the corner. An “outdoor/garage” zone is up front with lots of tools and goodies.

A Christmas tree (that some folks think looks just like a big wedding cake) is hanging (but still needs some of its decorations). It’s made entirely of reclaimed molding, wood, cup hooks, and rusty chains. The only “new” element is the hook that hangs it! The “ornaments” will also be relics, and those will also be for sale separately as decorative items.

A few gorgeous items came in and will continue to come in. I swung by late last night to fix the curtain “wall” and will return in a few days. I love meeting customers, by the way, and have had that pleasure several times this week.

Before I forget, I also have many old warehouse signs in awesome shape. This is one of those “picking stories” where you go to buy an item and find a treasure trove of other things… and you meet a character. This character’s name is Guido… an awesome guy closing down his family owned factory here in Columbus. What a life story he has! I hope to visit him again soon. He offered to sell me the factory itself! These signs had been very well cared-for and I cleaned him out of his entire stash. I have more at home to bring in. They are all black and yellow, but could easily be repainted (In fact, I may just do that to several… hm).

More later, but I realized I hadn’t updated and wanted to pop in to say HELLO!



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2 Responses to Quasi Booth Update

  1. shannon@tvintagerestyled says:

    I loved your booth, it looks fantastic!

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