Booth Update

Good morning!
I’ve enjoyed running into other vendors lately. Every visit, I meet at least one more. Nobody ever looks like you think they’ll look, do they? In my mind, every chippy booth is run by a sweet English Grandmother and every funky one by an earth mother. We are all just people (so I really ought to let go of the notion that the man running the tool booth is wearing bib overalls, right?).  I went to HSAM yesterday to work in the booth again. I snapped this picture of the body-length down pillow in original ticking… Oh, and I added some more signs. I only have five or so left at home and am debating whether or not they want to hang in my house!  I added a few things and tidied up a bit. Side note: hey kids… gosh I hope it’s kids doing it … stop tucking your candy wrappers in my silverplate sugar bowls!

One wonderful piece that begged to stay at my house was the head mannequin (as opposed to mannequin’s head). Over the years, people painted her purple, silver, yellow, and cream… but she still managed to keep her dignity. I suppose she could be repainted, but I rather like her in her current state as she emerges from beneath the layers of paint. She is cool to the touch and perhaps made from a chalk/plaster mix? I am not certain. Very heavy, stable, and believed to be from the 20’s given the molded hair style she sports.

I also brought in another reclaimed wood product. As an alternative to a Christmas tree (for those whose space is limited) or in addition to your tree, these little wall-hanging Christmas trees are made from a variety of reclaimed products. This one? She’s fashioned from old hard wood flooring. Every attempt is made to use as much post-consumer products in the creation of these trees as possible – including the screws that hold them together. One screw was placed in front to hold one of your priced ornaments (I placed an angel there to give you an idea) but more screws or cup hooks could be easily added on the front if you wish to display additional ones. More trees to come!

The other lovely that begged to live with me (I swear, I hear plaintiff cries from some items!) was this vintage aquarium or terrarium. It’s much smaller than modern tanks and while I didn’t measure it, I’d estimate it’s a foot wide by ten inches deep and ten inches high. With a thick slate bottom, I wasn’t sure how (or if) it would hold water, but I tested it for a full week and it did. Amazing. Some calcification is present on the glass, but I didn’t want to use CLR or similar products on it in case the buyer wished to use it for its original purpose – as I’m fairly certain that fish don’t like to drink CLR!  I think it would make a lovely table centerpiece filled with ornaments or other holiday decor year-round. It would also make a great terrarium-scape. Use your imagination.

Here are some new items at the booth this week:

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