Item Spotlight: Wurzburg Hand Truck

New to the booth this week, I present – drumroll, please – a Wurzburg Dolly. This time-worn but still functioning dolly (hand truck) was discovered in the estate of a retired machinist from Obetz, Ohio. It was manufactured by Wurzburg Bros in Memphis, Tennessee. Originally founded in 1908 as a supply house for liquor distillers, the company continued on to serve the manufacturing industry with a wide range of packaging and shipping products. I don’t know how they made these handtrucks, but this puppy still rolls smoothly and can be used for decor – or its original purpose. Here’s a shot of the Wurzburg Brothers factory, circa 1920:

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One Response to Item Spotlight: Wurzburg Hand Truck

  1. haley says:

    I recently found a hand truck that look identical to this one it has no serial number, but on the side it says it is made by the american pulley company. The model type is “daisy” the wheels are ‘st-621’. I’ve tryed finding out more on this vintage hand truck. can you help me? Or know anyone who could? It seriously looks identical. The one I have is even the red color as well.

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