Booth Update

With Thanksgiving in my rearview mirror, I can think about Christmas officially. I like to separate my holidays and still shudder when I see Christmas items in the store at the same time as Halloween candy. When the holidays are all blurred together, I don’t appreciate them as much.

I brought in some more ornaments yesterday, and some small items like wonderful mini topiary pieces. I dotted the booth with lovely rusty industrial elements (gears, pulleys, huge bolts) that can be used in many ways. I’ve seen them put into service as candleholders and gathered in bowls just for fun. I also delivered in a wonderful jointed wooden teddy bear (so adorable)  and bowls of ornaments. You’ll also find a coal bucket full of vintage string for your holiday crafts or wrapping. Today or tomorrow, I’ll be bringing in more items for the sister booth. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Heritage Square lately, do yourself a favor and come on by… there are wonderful surprises and some great eye candy in some of the booths.

Below, more images from my recent trip to load the booth:









It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,


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