Booth Update

An entire week flew by – how does that happen? I looked up and it was December 5th!  I took a short trip into HSAM this morning (an hour and 11 minutes to be exact) which is hardly enough time to tidy up, let alone stock and move things. I brought in some new items like a chippy red and gray cubby (was it a mail sorter, hotel key holder, tool sorter? who can say?) and a medium wooden ladder ready for your decorating spark. I dropped bundles of mop string here and there (more about that in the next post) and rearranged the furniture for the “toys” that will come in. Before heading out for the day – to my real work, I draped the old rusty chain and hooks across the window. You want to know the depths to which my puns sink when I’m tired and out of coffee? As I put the chain up, I proclaimed: “It’s not a window pane, it’s a windowchain.” 

When we were snapping pictures (quickly – hence the blurriness), it struck me that the “TO PLANT” warehouse sign perched on the ladder would make an awesome sign on a potting shed or table!

As you decorate for the holidays, just remember: anything (within reason) can be a candle holder! Especially if it’s made of metal!

There will be more coming. Until then, Hope you are staying dry and warm.



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