Booth Update

Forgive the dust while we reorganize the booth spaces for the new year. It’ll get sorted out soon enough and until then, you get the fun of digging… rather like a treasure hunt, eh?

I updated the booth a few days ago and will return again soon. Some items that were previously not for sale are now available for purchase. Case in point? the vintage preschool cabinet (pardon the clutter of items in and on it, please!)

Some new items came in and a few old favorites remain:

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2 Responses to Booth Update

  1. shannon@tvintagerestyled says:

    Happy New Year! I was in there today for an overhaul of B20. Next year remind me not to use real greenery – what a mess! I will run back tomorrow and try to figure out B10. I hope I will have more time and will swing by to check out your wares!

    • onlineditto says:

      I stayed away from the greenery for that reason but am still finding glitter… lol…
      Opening up a second Ditto booth at another location (and moving RetrOhio elsewhere altogether) so I’ll be doing some overhauling too.

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