Booth Update

Ever have one of those days when you were one step behind your brain? I had three auctions to hit today and swung by Heritage Square in between the second and third one. I added a few items to the Ditto booth (bamboo rods, marble horse head bookends, a quilt, a wonderful old drawer made from a crate, and a few other tiny bits) and moved a few items around. But… I completely forgot to take photos. I didn’t take a single shot… nope, not even a blurry one. Nada. I realized this when I was nearly ten miles away.

So… just imagine, if you will. Picture the most glorious finds and place them in your favorite spot on the earth… yup, that’s precisely what the booth looks like! See? That was easy.   🙂

Remember, the second Ditto location is opening soon at the Greater Columbus Antique Mall. I’m psyched because I know some customers come from that neck of the woods and I’m glad I can provide goods to more than one location.

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2 Responses to Booth Update

  1. shannon@vintagerestyled says:

    This is so great! Keep me posted on your new venture! I am looking around as well and am not too familiar with other outlets. Considering closing a space – hard to keep up.

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