Booth Update – Greater Columbus Antique Mall

Remember the room at Greater Columbus Antique Mall? I showed you this picture (left) and discussed the upcoming move recently.

Yesterday, I arrived at the mall to find my new space vacant… and being vacuumed. Here she is in all her naked glory. The only items staying? The tall corner shelf (lit from bottom) and the rug… well-worn but sweet and perfectly fine by me! Oh, and there’s the light you see dead-center. I’m not sure who that belongs to, actually… it does have a tag! Hm… I’ll have to ask about that. It was late when I arrived and with less than four hours to go before closing, I had to get moving. Thankfully, Mom came with me. She’s a lifesaver. Two hours into painting, I was getting a wee bit nervous. That’s a mighty big wall! With less than two hours to go, the room was in a frightening mid-stage… Eeeep! We were stripping the wallpaper border and painting like crazed women. The booth next to mine has a bit of wood trim at the top, and I decided to carry a white painted stripe across my space for a touch of continuity. At this stage, I wasn’t sure that was going to happen at all… but having mom there kept me going. The photo is very blurry. I was tired and shaky. 😦

We worked right up to closing and I left with a nagging feeling that I’d return the next day to find chaos. Because there was no time to let the gray/blue dry, I couldn’t tape off the top to paint the white stripe. I had to freestyle it. Yes… just a Ditto and her brush.

After work today, I swung by with a mason jar of gray paint and one of white… to touch up. I was pleasantly surprised. Is it perfect? Hell, no. Am I okay with that? Sure, for now. It’s a nice clean slate. Because the walls were so old, the existing paint so very dry and crumbly, and I wanted a good adherence, I concocted my paint from some oops gray, a bit of cream, and a touch of white. I stirred in some unsanded grout for good measure. It worked like a charm! Forgive the photo- as I didn’t stand far enough back to get it all in one shot so I had to paste the two images together.

I also wanted to ‘soften’ the corner shelf. I cut up some nearly translucent camel colored fabric that I picked up recently at one of my favorite thrift stores. I secured it to the four corners of the shelving unit with tape and mopstring. I topped the shelf unit off with a large faux plant that I picked up at a recent auction. It’s quite lush and gives a little light to that side of the booth. I’ll use this shelf for delicate items, special displays, and my sign and business cards. For now, the shelves just hold the “hang on, I’m coming” sign!

I decided to go with cottage colors for the walls and fabrics… think beachy sand and a bit of the gray blue sea. I’m working on some faux curtains for my ‘windows’ which are covered in pegboards. Each of those pegboards are a FULL sheet (yup, 4′ wide and 8′ tall!). It just occurred to me that I have recreated the color pallete of my bedroom! It is a relaxing place, what can I say?

Tomorrow, I hope to swing by with curtains and the Uhaul will show up on Saturday. Lots to do!


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