Update at Greater Columbus Antique Mall

Yesterday, I swung by the new booth space again to hang ‘curtains’ and to add a few more items. I also ran the vacuum to capture the dust created by our move-in.dust. Here are some booth shots (one from the attic stairs and the other from the main stairs at the front of the house). It’s quite an undertaking… trying to fill such a large space all at once. I will still be rearranging things, and I have yet to install my ‘wall of doors’ but most of my display pieces are out and in use.

Over by the attic stairs, I’ve placed an old grandfather clock -sans the clock- to display small items. The ladder section is all alone now. When I was loading in the booth, a great couple purchased the other one.

There’s a chair that was stuffed with a mystery mix. I think it was horsehair and grass of some sort. Once the wet (and stinky!) stuffing was cleared out, I chose to outfit the chair with chicken wire so it can hold photos or other smalls.

Dividing the booth from my RetrOhio section is a bookshelf built from a short shelf, a window, a handful of L-brackets, and some wooden brackets that were collecting dust in my basement. I set up some of the iron cobbler’s pieces atop it and scattered some photos around.

A tall bookshelf anchors the corner by my booth neighbor. I don’t have much on it except books, but most of them are just two dollars a piece and great for decorating and/or reading!

A very large (8+feet tall) ladder was painted white and displays a host of small things, including linens.  On the other side of the booth (where the wall of doors will go) I placed two sawhorses topped with an old beadboard door. This makeshift table holds a small table, a birdcage, bucket, hoists, and rope. I made a new sign to alert customers to the additional vendors in the attic. But before you scamper up those attic chairs, take a few minutes to wander about:









Hope to see you soon! And remember, I’m still at Heritage Square as well.

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