Display Chair… Before and After

I had a few inquiries about the green display chair. No, it’s not currently for sale. I did want to share the before and after photos for any of you out there with a VERY ugly chair that seems beyond salvation. I know that some of you will cringe when you realize how priceless this chair was… it’s quite old… and you’ll think, “Ditto should have restored it.” I can, if the mood ever strikes, restore it. What I’ve done has not harmed its structure in any way. I took a very old chair, a little paint, and created an inexpensive and unique display piece.

I bought the chair (along with an even older rocker and a side table/stool frame) for the huge sum of 1.o2. Yup, one dollar and two cents… for all three pieces. The price reflected their condition. Think stored in garage. Think cobwebs and mold. Think decay. All those thoughts fly right out of Ditto’s mind, though, replaced by antique awesome unique original and cheap!

I bought the whole kit-n-kaboodle. I also bought some other chairs at the same auction. The subject of this post is the chair on the right hand side of the picture. I removed the springs (did not discard!) and burlap. I dug out some of the horsehair and grass (?) that was stuck in side grooves. I washed and bleached the chair and then? I let it sit outside for a month. No joke. A good month this fall. Once it was completely dry and no longer smelled like a teenager’s tennis shoes, I gave the chair a quick coat of an Annie Sloan mix (some gray, some green, some cream… I can’t say for sure).

The frame was then roughed up – every so slightly – and scrap chicken wire affixed (with heavy duty stapler) to the back of the chair and the seat area. Now? It serves to hold special “Smalls” in my booth. I can always turn it easily back into a chair with the addition of a back and seat cushion, but I rather like my 34 cent chair.

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2 Responses to Display Chair… Before and After

  1. shannon@vintagerestyled says:

    Love it! Chicken wire is my fave – love it anywhere!
    How are things at GCAM? I am starting to get the itch.

  2. onlineditto says:

    I’m covering the rent, for sure, but feel like I really should do some Craigslist advertising. Once I’ve closed the RetrOhio booth at HSAM, I will have a bit more time to focus.

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