Booth update at Heritage Square

This is less of a booth update and more of a mall update, I suppose. Yes, I have been to my booth at Heritage Square! Today I spent three hours walking the mall, though. Did I have that time to spend? Uh, no. Rather like buying something on credit… I borrowed against time I didn’t have and will hate my life when the bill comes due (tomorrow, to be precise).

There are many new vendors in the mall and some shifting around. More than one vendor has expanded into additional spaces with fun results. I wanted to share two pics (I wanted to take more but my phone was dying). The first shot is of my booth which is packed to the rafters. Feel free to buy me out of house and home. Some of this merchandise came from the RetrOhio booth, some is new, some has been here for a while. Make sure to check out those red tags to grab some sweet deals.

This second shot is from a sweet little booth called “La Di Da” and I’ll leave you with it.  If you’ve not visited Heritage Square lately, do yourself a favor and come on in. I’ll try to take more pics the next time I have some free moments.


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