As the year draws to a close…

imagesThe flu got us. It got us good. Everyone got it, and my mother took the worst of it, so that’s where we spent part of Christmas… the emergency room… all of us masked like some sort of movie about a pandemic illness… cue the zombie music… we ARE the walking dead. 

Managed to sleep a lot and I am beginning to feel somewhat human. I’ve avoided people as much as possible and taken a break from all things non-essential.

Which brings us to the shop. I’m ba-ya-ack! I’ve cleared out lots of holiday items and left some goodies for reduction. We brought in some new year’s eve decor and showcased the china and crystal your holiday table needs. Stop on by this week and stock up on shot glasses or home decor.

As the new year arrives, we’ll bring in more winter goodies to keep your home sweet home feeling cozy as can be.

I hope you are enjoying the holidays and keeping safe and warm (and flu-free).

IMAG4370 IMAG4372 IMAG4359 IMAG4368 IMAG4384 IMAG4385 IMAG4386 IMAG4388

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