Before and After

Added 1/16/2012

A simple, time-worn ladder treated to

  • a de-spidering (squeam!)
  • a good cleaning
  • an Annie Sloan Paint treatment

It has already found a new home.

Added 9/2011

The Burwood company made a variety of decorative items in the 60’s and 70’s with their patented “wood pulp” and plastic material. The result is a product that looks like wood but behaves like plastic and the intricate molding and whimsical results have a distinct “burwood” look. You’ll often see funky mirrors, clocks, wall ensembles, etc that bear the Burwood mark on the reverse along with the date of press (represented often in roman numeral format). This mirror is a perfect Burwood example. When found, it’s gold finish was a mess. I chose to finish it in chalk paint with the tiniest flecks of gold glaze as a nod to its past. Its convex face makes it quite interesting. This particular mirror has a secret. At some point, someone stuffed a newspaper in behind it (a 1960 Chicago paper) and I made sure to tuck it right back in when I was finished updating it.

Added 8/18/2011

Added 7/9/2011

Small toolbox before

Added 7/5/2011

Just a little piggy. Scrubbed, painted with Annie Sloan Cream, carvings glazed, and then a hand waxing to bring out a soft sheen.

Added 7/3/2011

Small side table. All that was really needed was some tightening of hardware, addition of some wood putty, sanding, painting (Annie Sloan Olive), and waxing.

This toolbox was left largely unmodified. I chose to leave the outside as found (just cleaned with forced air) and painted the inside with some “oops” latex so the new owner could put it right to use for – whatever their heart desired.

Added 7/2/2011

This little hutch is chock-full of storage potential with twelve little drawers, one larger one, and two shelves below. If I had the room, I’d be keeping it. I could imagine as much-needed storage in the kitchen, bathroom, entry, playroom, or craft room. I found it broken and in need of love and blood sweat tears a little help. Now, she’s soft and sweet and waiting in the booth for a new home.

Added 6/11/2011:

When I found this Hobart Cabinet, it was crusted in green paint and begging to be back in service. Who am I to refuse a cabinet’s dreams? She’s a keeper.


3 Responses to Before and After

  1. Solange says:

    I just love love love your booth at the antique mall. Wish you could help me decorate my house or at least revamp some of my old furniture into something new. Keep up the great work as I am trying to fill my home with beautiful things. I am always getting compliments on things that I have purchased from your booth!!!

  2. onlineditto says:

    Thanks, Solange. I hope you are planning on visiting during the sale on the 7th (Customer Appreciation) because all of us will have FULL booths – it should be fun. As for revamping furniture? Have you tried it? Don’t be afraid to give it a whirl!

    • solange says:

      I will be at my brothers wedding but hope to make next years party in the spring. I have fixed up some of my things but still lack the confidence to do bigger projects. Looking forward to visiting your booth again!

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